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From the given link here you can download the laws of the game 201920. With a few exceptions, volleyball allows with a few exceptions, volleyball allows all players to operate both at the net in attack and in the back of the court to defend or serve. Matches may be played on natural or artificial surfaces, according to the rules of the competition. Laws as they apply within the scope of world football as organised by fifa, which includes ensuring that the laws are uniformly applied worldwide and. Laws of football the laws of the game that fifa referees have to learn and apply. Football rules and regulations pdf fifa rule book 2020. Football is a global sport and its rules must be interpreted and applied with absolute consistency wherever the game is played. It contains all the key guidelines with in depth explanations. The laws of the game lotg are the codified rules of association football. The book is in digital pdf format and its size is about 11 mb. Read through the fifa football rules and regulations pdf file. Terms referring to natural persons are applicable to both genders. The mission of the international football association board the ifab is to serve the world of football as the independent guardian of the laws of the game. In this section you can find all of fifa s official documents downloadable in pdf format.

Key the following symbol is used in the futsal laws of the game. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The ifab and fifa would like to remind everyone of two very important aspects of the game. The fifa community, fifplay has made the new laws of the game book downloadable. The international football association board the ifab was founded by the four british. From archived financial reports to published circulars, on subjects as diverse at the laws of the game. Laws of football lotg laws of the game fifa referee. Where artificial surfaces are used in either competition matches between representative teams of member associations affiliated to fifa or international club competition matches, the surface must.

Such regulations shall lay down rules for the settlement of disputes between clubs and players, in accordance with the principles stipulated in these regulations. They are the only rules of association football fifa permits its members to use. The first universal football laws were drawn up in 1863 and in 1886. It is the task of the referee to interpret and enforce the laws of the game during a football match. Laws of the game 201920 is available to download spottis.

The ifab and fifa would like to remind everyone of two very important aspects of the. The international football tutorial covers all 17 laws with updated modifications. Download the official 17 laws of football in portable document format as an extra resource to the standard soccer rules. Fifas most recently published rule book is 140 pages long, which is a bit ambitious for the casual player who is just becoming familiarized with the game. If there is any divergence in the wording, the english text is authoritative. The laws of the game are authorized on an annual basis by the international. International football association board laws of the game. Fifa therefore has a policy of ongoing training for its referees to. Download the soccer rules in english and other languages. Download the fas app for professional and semi professional players.

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