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Day shift manager has been translated into at least 6 languages, including portuguese, spanish, french, chinese, hebrew and lingua franca nova. Is emperor palpatine going to be in star wars rebels season 4. Season 4 is not as well received as its predecessors for its use of sensational at the time onetime guests who contribute little to the plot unlike previous side characters outside of showing up, chad becoming corrupt and unlikable after finally getting the job he wanted and becoming a puppet for maggies manipulations basically repeating jeremys subplot of. Day shift manager laser trouble s2 ep2 by blamesociety. In effect, he cleaned up anything that troubled the empires longterm goals, be it a corrupt planetary governor, rogue jedi or cells of rebels. Blame society films makes this show and they also made chad vader day shift manager we originally made it for channel 101 actually. Day shift manager has been the subject of great fanfare and acclaim. The grand inquisitors failure to rid the galaxy of jedi in season 1 led to vaders downtobusiness arrival in season 2 when he took it upon himself to hunt down and destroy both kanan and ezra. Chad s night shift assignment gets even worse when a dog gets loose in the store. If you like comedy and gaming as well as edgy raw humor than this is the series for you. Together, yonda, 34, and sloan, 33, developed chad vader, an episodic internet video filmed in madison. Will darth vader kill thrawn in star wars rebels season 4. I think he was hard pressed by windu, but faked just how bad the situation was in order to force anikin into making a choice.

Watch chad vader day shift manager episodes online. We see this by darth vaders last fight with obiwan kenobi, he shows many times that he was clearly more powerful thaan obiwan kenobi, only to be beaten by his own stupidity. Between that seeming bizarrely out of left field, and their having stated vaders role on the show is more or less over and hes unlikely to return in any major role their timeline is rapidly reaching a point where its getting close to a new hop. Meanwhile, clint establishes a total control over the day shift. Chad vader day shift manager online full episodes of. Chads overly serious and dramatic approach to, well, everything on the job is the source of much of the series humor. The video was made in support of obamas first election run.

The navcomp application on the d6holocron website gives vaders travel time from yavin to vaal within the d6 star wars rpg universe. Out of universe, special effects and other advancements clearly show that darth vader seemed to be more powerful in episode iii. So buckle up as we take a look at a galaxy far, far away and explore the 15 things you had no idea darth vader did between star wars episode 3 and 4. Begun last june, chad vader is up to six episodes episode six features the mayor of madison. In season 3, obiwan surfaced for the first time, when he finally defeated maul, on tatooine, once and for all. Chad vader is a star wars fan film series that has gained popularity on the internet.

Obama girl is the alias of amber lee ettinger that she used for the video i got a crush on obama. Was darth vader at his strongest during episode iii. Darth vaders less talented younger brother, chad vader, reaches a turning point in his battle to bring order to the empire market. I like how the last episode of season 1 and the video blogs set up the major plots for season 2.

Make a cameo in a chad vader episode and well give you a special signed piece of the vader costume used in season 1 of chad vader, or the surveillance assailant limit 1 or product placement in one episode of chad vader. Obama girl online full episodes of season 2007 to 1 yidio. Day shift manager into the basement s2 ep3 by blamesociety. Also, mon mothma and bail organas roles continue to increase, displaying that. With aaron yonda, matt sloan, paul guse, craig johnson. The long awaited battle between clint and chad is finally here.

He currently struggles to run empire market, a grocery store where chaos never seems to stop. We will put it in a scene in one episode of season 4 and give it ample screen time. Well put the new episodes in here as they are made. Chad vader is darth vaders lesser known lame brother. Chad also has a sixepisode series of educational videos for improving your mastery of the grocery store clerk calling. Chad vader is darth vader s lesser known lame brother. We are a cornerstone of a vibrant community in southcentral wisconsin that provides fairly priced goods and services while supporting local and organic. Just wondering, what happens between the 3rd4th episode. Star wars episode 3 what really happened at the end. Couldnt find an eli5 type explanation anywhere, they were all referencing things i didnt understand. Reviewed in the united states on december 21, 2010. Has lucas backlash made old school star wars references hip again, or is our audience just incredibly nerdy. Season 4, episode 4 the return of brian, part 1 first aired.

Clips from episodes 1 and 4 appeared on the october 11, 2006 episode of. Day shift manager is an american comedy fan web series created by. The series currently consists of the first season, featuring eight episodes, the second season, featuring eleven episodes, and the third season, featuring ten episodes. Luke, leia and ezra and his about to figure it out. How does luke end up on a different planet, princess leia ending up a princess, and darth vader becoming so powerful etc. Darth vader and leia have words in the star wars bluray. So darth vader has three children 1 girl and 2 boys.

Subscribe via rss subscribe via email follow me on twitter. With chad as the new general manager, things at empire market begin to return to normal. Road house 2016 threeriffer edition game of thrones. Instantly find any chad vader day shift manager full episode available from all 1. Star wars rebels is back for its fourth and final season, but darth vader isnt going to be part of the festivities yet. He has been trained in the dark force and has a light saber. Maggie accidentally appoints frequent customer and resident oddball hal as manager for a day. The dark lord of the sith, perhaps the most famous figure in the galaxy far, far away, had a small supporting role in season two of. The mike abundo effect tech, media, and geek culture. July 3, 2012 in the middle of chads birthday party, an old coworker returns, bringing back bad memories.

Chad tries to find new jobs, but has a hard time keeping one. Chads night shift assignment gets even worse when a dog gets loose in the store. Chad vader is darth vaders younger brother who works in a grocery store. The first two episodes orginally aired on channel 101, and though the series was subsequently cancelled the producers decided to continue filming and broadcasted via youtube instead. Home chad vader day shift manager season 1 episode 4. The empire falls as rebel leaders map their strategy for an allout attack on the emperors newer, bigger death star. In the video amber proclaims her love for obama, and explains why he should be the president. Its a wellmade pilot that, in a night of relative chaos, offered a. Watch chad vader day shift manager season 4 episode 4. Chad vader season 4 by blamesocietyfilms kickstarter.

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