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Originally named for its creator, david keil, this format is a raw image of the bytes found on a trs 80 diskette. Trsdos is the operating system for the tandy trs80 line of 8bit zilog z80 microcomputers. Kodi archive and support file vintage software apk community software ms dos cdrom software cdrom software library. Hypercross for the model 4 added 12th february, 2016 readwritecopy between different trs 80 and non trs 80 disk formats, includes msdos, coco dos, and most importantly for mappa1 users.

This is a must be experienced operating system to truly remember how primitive it really was in the early days of personal computing. Tony duell has written utilities for formatting trs80 disks in an intel linux pc with a standard pc disk controller and copying. Trs80 dos newdos80 ira goldklangs trs80 revived site. Trstools supports most trs 80 operating systems and all file dating schemes, including the extended dating schemes of ldosls dos and multidos, and my new dating scheme that transparently extends ls dos ldos file dates to 2079.

Sharp 80 is designed to be powerful but easy to get stated with the basics. Software by molimerx tape to disk utility works both ways no relocate included on smalldos uk trs 80 model iiii ldos. Trs80 revived site by ira goldklangs is an archive of everything related to the tandy radio shack trs80 microcomputer lines. It is hard to make system disks for the model ii available for download, since the. Newdos 80 is a disk operating system for the model i and model iii trs80 made by apparat, inc. Formatting a floppy disk takes about 30 seconds, and booting up is less than 30 seconds with a 2 mhz cpu with 64 or 128 meg ram. Most trs80 model 1 or clone owner had at least one assembler in their collection. Will control 1 to 4 drives of up to 406 cylinders and 8 heads. Right now the utilities work only for standard doubledensity ldos5trsdos6lsdos6 formats, 18 sectorstrack, 256 bytessector, 40 or 80 tracksside, and 1 or 2. Transfer your dsdd model i floppies directly on a pc and use a dsdd emulator.

Faithful z 80 cpu emulation including undocumented opcodes passes all zexall. Dsk and use your trs 80 emulator to copy hddvr6dct and hdform6cmd to trs 80 disks. An old ms dos program to readwrite trs80 diskettes. Looking at the trs80 disk software page, theres a rather extensive selection of dos options that seem to work with the 4p and also claim high compatibility with the tandy trsdos option considering that i have a 4p with two floppy drives, and id like to run model iii and model 4 native software not cpm, is there a particular dos which is considered superior. Instantly run any program below in a trs80 javascript emulator. With your ide interface and drive connected and powered up start basic, type. I used trstools to apply my 2012 date extension patches because i wanted to make the update process as easy as possible for people using an emulated trs. Robert french, author of chromabasic for the chromatrs, has given me permission to make almost all of his software available for download. Complete and self contained with rom and dos built in. Instantly run any program below in a trs 80 javascript emulator. View and download radio shack trs 80 model 3 operation and reference manual online. Transferring files from a pc to a trs80 fuzzy thinking. Trsdos which stands for the tandy radio shack disk operating system is the operating system for the tandy trs 80 line of 8bit zilog z80 microcomputers that were sold through radio shack from 1977 through 1991.

A freeware msdos utility to automatically transfer files from real trs80 diskettes into virtual disk. Trs80 main page in the netherlands trs80 model i still alive. Faithful z80 cpu emulation including undocumented opcodes. All software windows mac palm os linux windows 7 windows 8 windows mobile windows phone ios android windows ce windows server pocket pc blackberry. 119, adc modem time download 119, 4, cmd, 19xx, author unknown, autorun. After you download and install the emulator, youll see this screen if you see complicated technical information on the right side of the screen, you can hide it with the f5 key the simplest way to get started is to boot into cassette basic. Download international bridge contractors my abandonware. System 80trs80 model 1 downloadable disk images software. Virtual t is a trs80 model 100102200 emulator that runs on windows, linux, and macintosh. Dsk files full disk images, only with individual files. Virtual t is a trs 80 model 100102200 emulator that runs on windows, linux, and macintosh.

Trsdos should not be confused with tandy dos, a version of ms dos licensed from microsoft for tandys x86 line of. This disk contains drivers and utilities for using radio shack hard drives with ldos on a real trs80 model 1 or the emulator. I recommend using an emulator to readwrite trs 80 diskettes instead. Buying and selling tandy and trs 80 computers or parts thereof repairs and upgrades to trs 80 computers where possible dos boot disk and software supply for replacement or worn out original disks see below. The file cabinet was the largest collection of trs. This disk contains drivers and utilities for using radio shack hard drives with ls dos on a real trs 80 model 44p or the emulator. The trs80 micro computer system trs80, later renamed the model i to distinguish it from successors is a desktop microcomputer launched in 1977 and sold by tandy corporation through their radioshack stores.

Heres a nice full color ad that we placed in several magazines. This site is the result of an effort to preserve color computer software and documentation. It is free of charge and all source code is publically available. Manuals, board images and schematics included in the diy kit of the lnw80 computer and system expansion board for the trs 80 computer by lnw research corp. Matthew reeds emulators, utilities, and development tools for trs80 models 1 34. Tandys manuals recommended that it be pronounced trissdoss. If the drive is communicating properly you should see either 80 or 88 printed on the screen. Trstools for windows a freeware utility to manage trs80. Trs 80, trs 80, trs80, lnw 80, lnw80, lnw 80, lnw, lnw research corp, lnw 80, tandy, lnw, computer. Download and unzip the appropriate xmodem software model iii for model iv use model iv 3. Software for the trs80 model iv from the trs80 archives. Most of them should also work with the trs80 model iii but some will not run successfully due to hardware and rom differences. Load programs directly from command line for fast development and testing.

The name is an abbreviation of tandyradioshack, z80 microprocessor. Zip, it unzips to a dsk file which will run on any emulator. Trs80 model 1iii4 application software page fj kraan. This is part of newdos80 v2 program, and so is also on the newdos disk. The goal of virtual t is to provide 100% hardware emulation so any existing programs will run. Programs for friends ricks computer enterprise coco 3. They were originally released on cassette, but later we produced disk versions as well.

If you need to decode a zeus or asm6 save file, feel free to use my program. An old ms dos program to readwrite trs 80 diskettes. Software for the trs 80 model iv from the trs80 archives. Deskmate is a gui shell, program environment, and organizational application suite bundled by tandy with their computers. These programs are for the trs80 model 1 or clones like the system 80. Roy grants free permission to everyone to download and use this. This includes sector headers and such, although special clocks and bit transitions for fm or mfm are not represented. Tony duell has written utilities for formatting trs80 disks in an intel linux pc with a standard pc disk. The first two fully graphical versions were renamed personal deskmate i and ii. The game was recompiled and expanded with more features by william hileman and distributed as freeware in 1984, and again in 1986 as version 1.

Two of the most powerful newdos80 commands were system and pdrive, the former allowing. Fuse the free unix spectrum emulator the free unix spectrum emulator fuse. This site contains technical and historical information on the dick smith system 80 video genie pmc 80 microcomputer and eaca, along with trs 80 nostalgia. Hardware support for trs 80 model iiii4, coco 123, tandy 2000 and tandy ms dos semicompatibles and accessories. Configure the serial port for 1200 baud, no parity, 8 bit word length, 1 stop bit, and no flow control setupserial port in teraterm. International bridge contractors is a great version of the 1979 basic games coded by philip case for the trs 80 computer. Site contains emulators, programs, manuals, books, patches, games, hints, discussions, questions, forums, and tons more. Download32 is source for trs 80 shareware, freeware download catweasel floppy readwrite tools, emuscriptoria, gccm6809 for the trs80 colour computer, rcl59, taipan for windows, etc. At its height, it was described as offering 15,000 programs for the model iiii44p4d. Basic is case insensitive, which is to say that it doesnt give a shit what case you want youre getting uppercase. Sharp 80 with cpu internal display turned on about sharp 80.

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